Paxil 60 MG

"I am 49 years old and been on SSRI anti depressants since 1990."

My first was Prozac. Every time I thought I didn't need it and stopped taking it I went into a deep depression. 10 times worse then before I started taking it. So deep I could not get out of bed and I wanted to die.

I had never experienced this bad of a depression before I starting taking it. No Doctor ever explained to me that the drug could cause such a reaction.

I probobly had tons of other symptons such as massive weight loss, 45 lbs, and no appetite which caused me to actually force myself to eat and take to drinking of weight gain formula.

Doctors diagnosed me with GERD and cronic deppression and tried to switch me to Zoloft and prilosec.

So I ended up back on Prozac for the next 10 years. 3 more of the same episodes from before occured in those years. Keep taking it if it works?

I realized after 10 years I can't quit, ever. This is it. Still no Doctor told me it was actually a side affect of withdrawal.

Now I am on Paxil 60mg daily. Since 2000.

I started at 10mg. Because of the withdrawal side affect my dosage was increased thinking the dose wasn't enough. I went 5 days with no medicine and experienced many of the noted side effects from Paxil.

Now what? I want to be as far away from this drug as I can get but as a workaholic you must keep taking it to make it to the next day.

Living day to day is tough knowing that eventually I must stop taking it and go through "Paxil Hell"

by Berny

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